Winding it up

Perth-based Premier Tarps prides itself on its ability to help its customers save valuable time by providing a mobile tarp repair service and installing tarp automation products from Razor International.

The surge in infrastructure projects Western Australia has seen over the last few years is starting to wind up as highway expansion, widening and duplication jobs reach completion. While industry celebrates the undeniable boom the improved road networks deliver to the transport industry, Rob Clay of Premier Tarps says that observing the finished roads has a bittersweet tinge for some in the earthmoving industry.

“Our earthmoving infrastructure clients are based across Western Australia, anywhere between Margaret River down south and Geraldton in the north,” explains Rob. “A large percentage of my customers are running fleets of tippers that bring in and remove dirt from highway construction sites to build ramps and flyovers. Although many have made hay while the sun was shining, finishing jobs now means a lot of people with trailers are hurting.”

With work winding up, the owner of the Perth-based mobile tarp installation and repair company says that saving time has become an important focus to his customers, especially when it comes to handling load-covering tarps. “For each delivery a driver makes, he has to open and close a tarp, which if done manually can take three minutes each way,” Rob says. “Some of these guys are doing ten loads a day, which adds up to an hour of time spent winding and unwinding. To use that hour more productively, a lot of our customers choose to install Razor Power Tarps on their tippers.”

Rob started working with Razor International around eight years ago, only a year after starting up the business, when customer requests for its Power Tarps started coming in one after the other. “That’s when I realised that the market wanted us to use Razor products for tarp automation, because its features surpass that of its competitors’,” Rob says.

One such feature that Rob says puts Razor ahead of its competitors is its remote control functionality. “The remote control means the drivers can stay inside the cab while the tarps are all winding automatically – even while the combination is still moving,” he says. “We’ve had some clients that have saved so much time they’ve been able to do an extra load a day.”

The mobile business model also plays a large part in helping its customers use time efficiently, as Rob says it means his customers aren’t spending time away from a job to go to a service centre for repairs. “It’s important to my customers that me and my technicians come out on site to them. It’s a pretty extensive thing to bring a whole truck and trailer combination across the country for servicing, but we can take care of their problems while they’re still working, which they really appreciate,” says Rob.

Nearing a decade in business, Rob says that infrastructure jobs winding up means saving time has never been more important to his customers, so he will do what he can to help them through his mobile service and by providing tarp automation with the Razor Power Tarp.

Fast Fact

According to Rob Clay, Owner of Premier Tarps, the Razor Power Tarp’s control sensitivity is a unique feature to the product. “With most systems, the operator has no control over how tight the tarp goes. If you have a mesh tarp, you don’t want much pressure, but if you have a full wet weather tarp, it needs to be pulled a little tighter. With the Razor Power Tarp, you can make those adjustments.”

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