Razor launches new website

tm-0715-news-razor630Australian automation specialist, Razor International, has launched a brand new website providing informative product details and free video demonstrations on its range of trailer components.

“Razor International has always been an innovative company with user-friendly products, and we wanted our website to reflect that,” said co-Managing Director, Geoff Watson. “The metallic grey of the sleek new interface is reminiscent of Razor’s best-selling landing leg drive, just one of the company’s state-of-the-art suite of electronic products up on the website.”

According to Razor, its entire catalogue – including landing legs, tarps, power doors and accessories including batteries and hardware kits as well as power door and electronic drive keypads – is now available to view through the secure website. “People can access information about our products at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. We wanted to make it as convenient as possible,” Watson said.

The new Razor website takes advantage of this fact by providing detailed product pages with exhaustive information including product specifications, schematics and videos all on the same page. The technical information that has always been offered to Razor customers through its previous website will be carried over, with helpful tips, installation guides and parts breakdowns available for many of the products.

“Razor International is dedicated to providing our customers user-friendly access to information about our products,” Watson said. “Our new website puts it all at our customers’ fingertips.”

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