Adding it up

By using Razor Power Tarps on its PBS-approved tippers, the Geelong branch of Kelly Logistics saves a few minutes on each delivery – and with over 100 loads a day, it adds up to a significant amount of time.

In early October, Tasmanian-based Kelly Logistics made headlines with its purchase of the Noske Logistics business, including assets from the Brighton, Portland and Geelong locations. The Noske Geelong branch includes 19 tippers, with five Performance Based Standards (PBS) quad axle semi tippers and two PBS 19 metre quad truck and dogs that transport around 1.2 million tonnes of wood chips to the Port of Geelong each year.

Heading the Geelong branch is Jayden Tonkin, Kelly Logistics Geelong Manager, who explains that the PBS combinations make around 100 short haul deliveries of woodchips every day. With such a large number of loads taking place, Jayden says that making each part of the delivery process as efficient as possible is a top priority, particularly when it comes to operating tarps.

“It is not uncommon for a driver to roll a tarp on and off over 20 times in a shift. Winding them manually takes a lot of time when you factor in getting in and out of the cab, so we have the tarps automated with Razor Power Tarps. That way our drivers just have to press a button on the dash,” Jayden says. “It saves us a few minutes per trip, which over a day adds up to enough time to make another load or two.”

On top of the time saving the automatic tarps provide, removing the manual aspect also makes the drivers’ job a lot easier, significantly reducing fatigue and minimising OH&S risks. “Manually winding a tarp is hard work, especially when you’re doing it over 20 times a day. The reduction in fatigue from the Power Tarps means our drivers are a lot safer on the road, and during deliveries,” Jayden says.

Collectively across the Geelong fleet, the tarps open and close up to 60,000 times a year, which Jayden says is a level of use that trailers in most other applications wouldn’t see in a lifetime. However, he adds that the Razor equipment stands up well to the frequent use. “It’s a very durable and robust product so we have very few failures out of those 60,000,” Jayden says. “They make a massive difference and we’re very impressed. Using Razor Power Tarps together with PBS tippers is making our whole business more efficient, and we couldn’t operate to the level we do without them.”

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