Since 1998, Razor International has been developing state-of-the-art electronic and automated control systems for semi-trailers and rigid trucks, saving the operator time and money, and preventing physical injuries. With innovative products like the Electronic Landing Legs, the Front to Back and Rollover Power Tarp systems, the Power Door, the Volt Razor and the Top Runner, Razor International exceeds world’s best practice when it comes to incorporating new technology with occupational health and safety.


In November 1998, Geoffrey Watson and Darryl Baird developed an idea that was to become Razor, the electronic intelligence system for winding semi trailer landing legs. Their vision was to incorporate their world-class engineering knowledge and expertise to make life safer and easier for transport operators en route toward one of the industry’s most pressing issues of the future; Occupational Health and Safety. Today, Razor International Pty Ltd presents a state-of-the-art suite of electronic products and is in the field every day making life safer and easier for transport fleets and private operators alike.


Razor International Pty Ltd is to make a positive difference in the lives of transport drivers, primarily through bringing labour saving products and world-class technology to the market place.By focusing on the age-old business practice of first-class service, we aim to ensure an attitude of producing the best product using only the highest standards of excellence.